Luke Hillis

Exceptional experience! Funny thing–I bought a new phone on Black Friday but accidentally had it mailed to Poway, instead of Santa Barbara (where I live), so it ended up at some house in Poway. I called this taxi service, reached Jay, and asked him if he could find the house and give a message to the residents asking them to mail me the package at my proper address. Jay went ahead and found the home, connected with the residents, and the residents gave him the package to mail to me! He promptly mailed it to me and hardly charged me anything more. I gave Jay some extra money because he was so generous, trustworthy, communicative, and excellent. That phone was not cheap, so it meant a lot to me to quickly feel I had a friend and someone I could trust to take care of my needs out there. I would undoubtedly use this taxi service again for any taxi needs I have in the area, and I hope to get to meet Jay sometime because I feel I’ve made a genuine friend in him through this process.

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